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Every Product on EarthShopp is Sustainable!
Every Product on EarthShopp is Sustainable!

Compostable Cling Film - 1 roll x 100 feet

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  • Our cling wrap matches the top brands for keeping food fresh and sealed, but without any of the ecological waste! 
  • Plastic wrap is nearly impossible to recycle and takes centuries to degrade. Eco Green Living Compostable Wrapping is made from Corn Starch and certified compostable
  • It contains absolutely no micro plastics. 
  • EXTRA STRONG: Strengthened & lightweight, our heavy duty wrapping seals itself, keeping fresh food in your fridge and sealing hygienic surfaces. 
  • The dispenser is made from recycled cardboard and the cling wrap is perforated at 12in increments, so nothing goes to waste. 
  • Our cling wrap has completely recyclable packaging. 
  • Corn starch is actually a polymer but we only see it in powdered form. When you apply just the right amount of heat and water, the particles bond to themselves and you have all natural plastic!

Corn starch is made from corn, which is sustainable, renewable and easy to produce. It doesn't contain harmful chemicals or toxins that are commonly found in conventional plastics. Cornstarch plastic products look and feel just like regular plastic, but they are 100% biodegradable and compostable.